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Bathroom Linen Cabinets for Usefulness and Décor

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Unless you live in a really large house and have closet space in a hall or passage, or even a linen/sewing room, it is sometimes difficult to know where to store linen. Probably then it would be best for you to consider the convenience of bathroom linen cabinets. Bathrooms don’t usually offer a lot of spare space. That is probably why most linen cabinets are designed tall and narrow. This way they use little floor space and utilize the high wall space above.

Linen closets have a sad tendency to fall into disorder. This is especially so if family members, guests and especially children are free to help themselves to towels, etc.

One way to prevent this is to assign a separate shelf to each family member and keep general linen such as tablecloths separately on their own shelves. This also is useful for bed linen, as you won’t have people rummaging through double bed sheets to find single sheets for their beds. Particularly for children, it can be their own special task and source of pride to keep their own shelves tidy.

Corners can quite often be problem areas, so they tend to be left open. You simply can’t seem to find anything to put there. Well, good news, you can get lovely corner bathroom linen cabinets that will make excellent use of that wasted space.

There is something important to take note of. If linen is stored in bathroom linen cabinets, you need to be sure that the atmosphere in the bathroom is not permanently humid or you could suffer a lot of mildew damage. Good ventilation or extractor fans are essential

Recessed Cupboards for Linen

If you badly need a linen cabinet in the bathroom and there is simply nowhere to put it you might consider the option of a recessed cupboard or cupboards. The area behind the bathroom door is seldom used and a recessed closet there, flush with the wall, would be totally out of the way. The small disadvantage of having to close the bathroom door to access the closet is small compensation to pay for all that lovely extra space. If you like the modern trend to display towels instead of hiding them away, you could install a smaller recess high up on the wall above one of the bathroom fixtures especially for this purpose.

Bathroom Linen Cabinets for Looks

There are numerous styles of bathroom cabinets. They mostly tend to be tall and narrow rather like ornament display cabinets. What bathroom linen cabinets look like depends on two things.

Firstly what is the style of your bathroom décor?

Secondly, what do you want to store in it?

If you go for antique styles, this cabinet is ideally suited in a number of different wood finishes. The wood is often painted a subtle tint of the color of the rest of the bathroom. Victorian style is often painted white or a pastel shade. Colonial and Edwardian styles are usually rich traditional wood finishes with elaborate brass knobs and handles. Country farmhouse style often has a raw or antiqued finish and can have such decorations as chicken-wire enclosures or rough hand-woven basketry.

Contemporary bathroom linen cabinets are usually sleek and understated and often include glass and simple painted finishes. They may also include other materials such as metal or stone.

Life Without Lenin Cabinets

Most linen is attractive to look at and you don’t need to hide it away in closed cupboards. A pile of neatly ironed sheets and folded or rolled towels look lovely. What looks especially good is the modern popularity of pure white linen and towels. These can be bleached to keep them sparkling white. Stacked in bathroom linen cabinets against tiles with touches of white they can look quite stunning.

You may go for a cabinet that is a linen tower, simply a stack of open shelves. Most people go for a mixture of open shelves and closed cupboards, especially if they want to store other items such as bathroom cleaners, which are not aesthetically so pleasing.

You can choose from stock cabinets or custom-made cabinets, the former being obviously the cheaper of the two. You may have to choose the custom made kind if the place you have picked out for your bathroom linen cabinet is an awkward shape or size.
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