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How to Choose Proper Bathroom Lighting Design?

Bathroom lighting design is going to be an essential part of your bathroom décor. Proper lighting not only enhances features of your bathroom but is also needed for you. Many grooming activities take place in the bathroom, such as applying make-up or shaving. The proper lighting will help you in these activities. Inadequate illumination would result in unwanted shadows and you will be unable to achieve the desired results. Thus, vanity lighting fixtures or mirror lighting is vital.

When deciding on the type of lighting you want, remember that you need light fixtures that fully light up your face. Shadows under the chin and eyes need to be minimized. Celebrities tend to place more than half dozen lights on the sides of the mirror. This lighting concept should be used in your bathroom lighting design. However, it does not require you putting up half dozen lights. One or two light fixtures on either side are more than enough. Placement of light fixtures can affect radiation of illumination.

Where to Place Light Fixtures?

Ideally, bathroom light fixtures should be placed at average forehead height. This reduces any shadows that appear on the sides of the face.

The light fixtures should also be placed at least two and half feet apart to prevent glare. Light fixtures can be mounted directly onto the mirror, especially if you have a whole wall mirror. However, choose carefully as many light fixtures do not look good with this technique. Wall sconces or trail lights are useful to use in this style. You need to ensure that you do not place them near sinks. This can result in moisture or mildew deposits. Keep in mind that if you are going to mount them onto the mirror itself, it could be a tad expensive. In larger bathrooms more illumination would be required. Thus, additional light fixtures should be fitted to the bathroom ceiling. Ceiling light fixtures should not be the sole source of light in large bathrooms. However, if you happen to have a small bathroom with light hues for the walls then this technique is possible for your bathroom light design.

The best type of lighting near the mirror area should surround you entire face with illumination. Light should face the person rather than the mirror.

Two light fixtures can be placed on either side so the entire face could be lit up. Light fixtures can also be placed on the wall, more than three feet above the sink.

Reflectors should be avoided. This is because they might create unwanted shadows or glares. Furthermore, you should not invest in many fluorescent light fixtures. These types of lighting make you appear pale or green. Incandescent light fixtures or bulbs are comparative to sunlight. They are clear, bright and do not change colour. Thus, these types of lighting are suitable to purchase. When searching for light fixtures, it is best to see the lights against daylight. This would give you an opportunity to see how the illumination looks like before you buy them.

Natural lighting can be a part of your bathroom lighting design. If you have windows or a skylight then incorporate this into your lighting design. Ensure that you do have plenty of other lighting to compromise the illumination for the night time. Incandescent light bulbs are ideal to imitate natural light. This can be suitable to compromise lighting for the night time or if you do not have natural lighting already.

Bathroom Lighting Design for Cabinets

Opting for bathroom lighting inside cabinets is an essential part of the bathroom lighting design. This would enable you to find things inside the cabinet easily. The right type of light fixture and light effect should be carefully considered. Bar lights such as tiny trochees mounted on metal bars fixed to walls or counters are useful. They could be used above double sinks as well. They are ideal when used in more than two shades for a dramatic effect. Long bar light, on the other hand, do not require separate light fixtures. Translucent lampshades, such as those made from frosted glass are useful. To add an antique finish, add metal or chrome plated frames.

Always choose carefully when it comes to your bathroom lighting design. Remember that lighting needs to be bright, but not produce a glare. You must know how the light from the light fixture would affect your bathroom. Do not opt for a light fixture that just looks good. It might not go well with the light fixtures you already have or the natural sunlight you have in your bathroom. Take your time when searching for these light fixtures. The proper bathroom lighting design would flatter and bring out all the features in your bathroom. Moreover, the best lighting design would give you the best lighting for your grooming activities throughout the day.

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