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Bathroom Light Fixtures

Choosing Bathroom Light Fixtures for Your Home

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Light is an essential element; without bathroom light fixtures there can be no colour, form or consistency. Your bathroom cannot shine without the proper lights. Moreover, light can affect the ambience of the bathroom. With the proper bathroom light fixtures your bathroom can provide a relaxing and homely atmosphere just by the touch of a switch.

How do you choose the correct light fixtures for your bathroom?

What type of light fixtures would bring out your bathroom style?

How do you ensure that every essential part of your bathroom is revealed?

The answers are fulfilled by the light fixtures themselves. When you are searching for bathroom light fixtures, think about form and function. The light fixture should not only be appealing, it should give adequate illumination.

There are so many bathroom light fixtures nowadays. They tend to come in a variety of styles, colours, and layouts. This provides the option for even the pickiest customers. Bathroom light fixtures can come as pendant lighting, cascade lighting, wall mounted lighting, mirror lighting and many more. It is up to you to choose. Your choice depends on your taste. However, do keep in mind that you do not only want your bathroom to look good. The bathroom provides a space for all your grooming activities. With the appropriate light fixture you would be able to achieve your grooming desires with ease.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Bathroom Light Fixtures

It is a tad difficult to find the right type of light fixture as there is a variety of them. When lighting up your bathroom you need to concentrate on the shower area, vanity area, and toilet area. There are also many types of light fixtures that fall into certain categories.

These categories include: task lighting, general lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. Your bathroom light fixtures should consist of at least three of these categories. However, where do you begin?

The best place in your bathroom to search for the light fixture is the vanity area. The light fixtures for the shower area and toilet area depend on the vanity light fixtures.

The Vanity Counts

Lighting around the vanity area is crucial. This is after all the area where most of the grooming activities take place. Furthermore, you do not want your guests to dislike the shadows created by lack of lighting.

Most people assume that vanity light fixtures are bright recessed lights. Moreover, many people tend to place lighting on top of the vanity mirror. This is not the case. A light placed above just creates glare and shadows. It is possible to use soft lighting and eliminate shadows simultaneously. Placing recessed light fixtures on the sides manage to eradicate any shadows. Moreover, it is possible to use softer lights with this technique. A dimmer switch can control the amount of illumination. Softer lighting can bring about a relaxing atmosphere. Brighter lighting provides a livelier ambience. Thus, a dimmer switch gives you control over the ambience of your bathroom. There is further lighting you could use with recessed light fixtures.

Placing wall sconces on either side of the mirror helps provide enough illumination to remove any shadows. The centre of the wall sconce should be at eye level.

A ceiling fixture would also help prevent any shadows near the vanity area.

Bathroom Light Fixtures for the Ceiling

A ceiling light fixture is almost always required in the bathroom. It also adds illumination for the vanity area. More importantly, it provides lighting for your shower area. Unless your bathroom is very large it is best to use the same ceiling fixture for the whole bathroom. However, there are a variety of ways to layout the light fixtures. It is possible to use pendant lighting and recessed lighting as ceiling light fixtures.

A pendant light fixture is ideal for a ceiling fixture if you have recessed light fixtures for the vanity area. Pendant light fixtures normally provide adequate illumination for the whole bathroom if it is not that large. If you do have a large bathroom, then consider the use of two pendant light fixtures for balanced lighting. Use a recessed light fixture for the shower area for more illumination. This is because the shower needs plenty of illumination to prevent any accidents. There are a variety of pendant light fixtures today. With so many designs and colours it is always possible to find the perfect one for your bathroom style.

If you are planning to use recessed light fixtures for the ceiling, use more than one. One light fixture will not provide adequate illumination for your bathroom. Space out the light fixtures such that they bring lighting to every area of the bathroom.

Toilet Light Fixtures

Wall sconces are ideal for the toilet area. Additional lighting in this area is purely for decoration. It is great to have special lighting so that you can read whilst in the toilet. If you do have a small toilet it is best to depend upon the ceiling fixtures. Remember too many lights might cause a glare.

At the end of the day the choice does depend upon your taste. There are many expensive bathroom light fixtures; however, there are always discount light fixtures that are similar. Take your time when searching. If you are unsure of the right type of light fixtures, hire a professional. Finding the right type of bathroom light fixture is harder than it appears. If you want a complete bathroom, use at least three categories of lighting in your bathroom. Remember that it is all about form and function. Without light there is no colour, form and uniformity.

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