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Selecting Colors for Bathroom Interior Designs

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When you select colors for your bathroom interior designs your priority will be to achieve harmony. Any of these schemes can be harmonious, depending on how you put the colors together.There is another factor to remember when you are trying to achieve harmony:

• The simpler your color scheme, and the fewer colors you use, the less stimulating it is.

• The more colors you use, and the more complicated it is, the more stimulating it is.

Does that mean that monochromatic and analogous are boring and complementary and triadic are restless? That depends on how you put them together.

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic can be boring unless you use contrasts in texture.But be careful not to use conflicting patterns in bathroom interiors.

Textures are not necessarily patterns.

Textures are such things as rough hewn stone, smooth marble, grainy cork, shiny or beaten or aged metals, glass, the rich glow of polished wood, or the rough splintery look of un-planed, and un-sanded wooden beams.

Patterns can all have the same texture but very different designs, such as flower prints, stripes, geometric designs, polka dots, spots, zigzags, blotches or swirls of color, etc. Tiles usually have some sort of pattern.

If you are unsure, choose no more that two patterns that enhance each other, but go for multiple textures. They are really fashionable at the moment. Many contemporary, minimalist bathrooms have no patterns at all, they are monochromatic, but are very rich in texture variations. Almost always, though, there is a single splash of a bold complementary color. This is harmonious.


Analogous is usually very calm and restful, whether in warm or cool colors, but once again just a splash of a third color gives interest. If you are anxious not to disrupt the calmness, you can use white, black, grey or cream, as well as patterns. This look in variations of greens and yellows give a wonderfully serene look to a French farmhouse bathroom interior designs. Very popular at the moment are shades of burgundy, red and orange for a warm cozy look.

Complementary schemes have a bold, even dramatic effect. This is a restless scheme for restless young people. However, you can tone it down by using more of one color and just splashes of the other for dramatic effect.

Triadic Colors

Triadic colors in bathroom interior designs are wonderful in children bathrooms. They seldom have time for ‘serene’ and ‘restful’! You can, once again, get a very harmonious effect by selecting tones, shades and tints of one color and then, say, have cartoons or animals or other images appealing to your children in the other two colors.

Some Color Combinations for Bathroom Interior Designs

There is no right and wrong in selecting a color scheme for your bathroom interiors. It all depends upon your personality. However, some color combination are generally recommended.

Purple and Blue

Purple and Yellow

Yellow and Orange

Black and red

Light Green and white

You can use to find right colors for your bathroom interior designs.

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