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Bathroom Heater Fan and other options

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Some warm, though not exactly tropical countries, such as parts of the Americas, Southern Europe, parts of Asia, Australia, and some countries in Africa can get quite cold at night in winter, but not to the extent that people need central heating systems in their houses. In these countries, fans are often adequate in summer and a fire or heaters or under floor heating are fine for winter. The summer fans get stored in winter and the portable heaters come out. However, showering in a cold bathroom can be an ordeal. In these countries, you have several options, of which we’ll discuss three.

Under-Tile Heating

One option is under tile heating. This gives a very pleasant sensation underfoot. You do need to preheat the bathroom some time before you are ready to take a bath or shower. Then, when you are finished the tiles take some time to cool down. There is quite a lot of wasted energy.

Radiator-Type Heater

A second option is the old fashioned radiator-type heater. It is still frequently used, and although it should ideally be turned on a little while before you use the bathroom, it does not take as long to heat the room up as under tile heating. It is normally fastened high up on the bathroom wall, just below the ceiling, and directed down to where the heat is needed. It is fairly effective.

Bathroom Heater Fan

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