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Choosing Good Quality Bathroom Furniture

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Bathroom furniture, especially cabinets are available in wood, super wood, clipboard and hardboard. However, other furniture like bathroom sinks, toilet seats, showers and tubs are available in a range of materials from vitreous china, simple glass, frosted glass, cast iron and acrylics. Whatever bathroom furniture you select, you must adhere to the main bathroom designing scheme.

Bathroom Furniture for Cabinets

If your cabinet is made of hard wood, which is from slow growing deciduous trees, such as oak, you can expect it to be very expensive. Soft woods are a little cheaper and are often stained to give them rich color.

Most good cabinets today are made with a solid wooden frame and panels of veneered plywood or superwood. Composite wood, hardboard, and chipboard are a lot cheaper, but highly prone to water damage. If you have to choose this, make sure that it is really well sealed with a quality oil compatible polyurethane. See that no composite wood is near the floor, where it will soak up water spills like a sponge.

Check that the undersides, back and insides of wooden furniture in the bathroom have been sealed and finished, so that you know they will resist damage caused by dampness. The pedestal or legs especially should be water resistant.

In the old days mortise and tenon and dovetails were universally used in woodwork in conjunction with glue. Today, in high class cabinetry these are still used. Naturally this type of woodwork for your furniture in the bathroom is very expensive. There are newer methods of joining wood today such as ‘dominoes’ and ‘biscuits’. These are also high class joining methods.

Dowels and screws are also acceptable in certain circumstances, but never nails or staples. The only place where this is a reasonable option is for fastening backings onto cabinets. Look at the way the drawers are constructed, this usually gives you a good idea of the workmanship. It should also feel sturdy and solid and fairly heavy.

Bathroom Furniture for Sinks

Modern pedestal sinks are generally of vitreous china. Many under mounted and drop in sinks, as well as some vessel sinks are made of the same material. However you have a wider choice than this. There is a great variety of materials used in contemporary sinks.

Glass is very popular, clear, frosted, sand blasted, or decorated in some other way, such as paint. Glass should be tempered and if possible ˝ inch or 12mm thick for safety. Cut crystal is gorgeous, but not suitable in households where there are children.Stone, composite granite, or marble should be sealed to prevent staining.

Bathroom Furniture for Showers

Shower cubicles are bought as a unit if they are the modern, steam spa kind. Other showers can be put together from a variety of different makes of cubicles, doors, trays, faucets and shower heads. You can either go for a well known brand for the shower cubicle, complete, or you can choose each part separately to install. You need to go through the specifications of each item and decide what will suite you. The glass should be tempered safety glass and the fittings are best chosen from well known makes, unless you get a good recommendation from a reliable friend.

Bathroom Furniture for Bathtubs

Bathtubs come in a variety of styles, materials, colors, shapes and sizes. Old fashioned bathtubs were usually of enameled cast iron which was heavy, and durable. Today they have become very popular again for retro styled bathrooms. So much so the originals are being restored and replicas are being made, very often in the Victorian claw foot style.

Enameled steel looks very similar but chips more easily. These tubs are cheaper.

Probably most people today buy acrylic bathtubs. There is an almost endless choice of shapes, sizes and styles. Many colors are available too. You just need to be careful not to scratch them.

Fiberglass is cheaper than acrylic, but not as durable. Various colors are available.

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