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Preparing to Draw your Bathroom Floor Plans

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Many things come before drawing your bathroom floor plans...

Even before you plan the fixtures, fittings and furniture for your bathroom, you will probably have spent a long time looking at other people’s bathrooms, going through magazines for ideas and visiting the showrooms of bathroom suppliers. You will probably have chosen the theme of your bathroom and the color scheme. You will also have a shrewd idea of more or less how much it is going to cost you. When you work out the costs remember to calculate the costs of faucets, water pipes, lighting, tiles, and all the extra items that go with the fixtures and fittings you are choosing.

Now you are full of ideas and you will be wondering how to set about planning your bathroom and drawing your bathroom floor plans.

Your bathroom size has been planned, and now, before you install water pipes, waste pipes and electric cables, you are wondering what fixtures to buy and where to place them.

The first step before you draw your bathroom floor plans is to look around and decide what fixtures and furniture you simply must have. Measure them carefully and draw their outlines accurately on a piece of graph paper in red. Label each item. Next, do some window-shopping and see what extras you would like to have. Not essential, but nice to have. Measure these and draw them on the same scale graph paper in blue. Now you can get a new, big sheet of the same scale graph paper in black and white. Measure your bathroom and draw it out on the graph paper in a thick black pen. Remember to fill in any extra features such as door, windows, alcoves, steps, pillars, etc. This is the begining of your bathroom floor plans. Cut out the red and blue fixtures and furniture and start playing with the pieces on your bathroom floor plans. Move them into various places and positions until you have found where they fit the best and where you think they will be most convenient and look good. When you have decided finally where everything fits best, glue them in place.

Drawing your Bathroom Floor Plans

The next step is to speak to your builder and see whether he thinks everything looks feasible. He will know the local building regulations and the structure of the bathroom, the electrical system, the sewerage and water line systems. If he sees no serious problems, you can take your plans to a draughtsman or woman. This person will need the plan of the whole house in order to see how the various systems are laid out.

After the basic plans are drawn, many draughtsmen will be able to render the final drawing in such a way that you will be able to get an impression of what the bathroom will look like when it has been completed. They use design programs that can give you a three dimensional view from various angles. Some can give you a ‘walk through’ experience. There even some sophisticated programs that can render the drawing into a look of photo-reality. You may find a studio that will even use photographs you have taken of your bathroom, showing the main features of doors and windows. Then they can take your photographs of the fixtures and furniture you would like to choose and position them in the main bathroom photo, so that you can see the effect. Not only this. You can then experiment with colors and decorative trimmings, fittings, and different décor effects. One of the most impressive features of this kind of software is that you can try out different lighting effects in the picture: how the shadows are thrown depending on where the lights are placed, the effects of diffused lighting or spotlights, and what these effects do to your color scheme.

This option will obviously be much more expensive than just having normal bathroom floor plans drawn, but at least you will probably avoid making some expensive mistakes. There is another good option if you are planning to buy all your bathroom fixtures and fittings from one of the well-known and respected firms. Many of them offer you the use of their software online to do your own designing. Obviously it is geared only to the shapes and sizes of their own products. You will have to contact them individually to see what fixtures and fittings they have to offer as well as the scope of their software.

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