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Bathroom Fixtures

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Apart from the more or less standard bathroom fixtures that you find in most bathrooms, there are some that you do not often see, but that can add to your comfort and convenience. Here are a few.


Few people have the time or inclination to bath or shower more than once a day. However, there are times you would like to freshen up and have a good wash. The answer to this is to use bathroom fixtures such as the bathroom sink and a bidet (basin-like bath which is used for washing the genital area).

In the old days a bidet was nothing more that a low basin with a plug that you filled with warm water. Nowadays it is a whole different thing. The modern bidet has a warmed seat, a remote control to pre-set or adjust the water pressure, heat of the water, and even steam jets, as in a steam shower. When you are finished, it has a drying function with warm, dry air. Afterward it self-cleans and deodorizes. It also has a cover similar to a toilet cover.

Squat toilet

There is much evidence that squatting instead of sitting has many health advantages. It is believed that this method protects the nerves and strengthens the muscles that support the prostate, the bladder and the uterus as well as relaxing the internal muscles, which is necessary for complete evacuation and prevention of incontinence. It certainly must be good for the leg muscles too!

The people of the Middle Eastern countries and Asia are well aware of this. Bathroom fixtures such as squat toilets are common in these countries, unlike in the Western countries where people have become comfortable and lazy! A dual use toilet has a pedestal for sitting but also has footrests for squatting.


Urinals are useful in public toilets where several can be installed in a fairly small room. They are popular as there is no touching of the appliance required. The flushing mechanism is often automatic. Urinals are available for private bathrooms as bathroom fixtures, but are not very popular and seldom seen. They can be in some cases useful for men confined to wheelchairs if the urinal is set low enough on the wall.

Most urinals are for male use, but some have been designed for women. Women urinals are almost never seen as there is no real advantage to them. They take up as much floor space as a normal toilet and use as much flushing water.

Bathroom Fixtures: Foot and Leg Baths

Although built-in foot baths are available they are hard to find because most people prefer a neat portable foot spa with all kinds of jets, swirls, bubbles and massagers.

These are wonderfully invigorating for tired feet and a pleasant, relaxing experience for anyone who needs a break after a hard day. Often aromatherapy oils and skin treatments are added. The claim of detoxification is highly suspect, though, and cannot be verified scientifically. An old remedy for leg problems was a knee high leg bath with added herbal remedies and poultices for cramps, leg ulcers, varicose veins, restless leg syndrome, strains and sprains and arthritic pains.

Even today the soaking experience must do wonders for blood circulation and pain relief. They are available in some health spas and are sometimes used before leg massages to prepare the muscles. As private bathroom fixtures they are not commonly available, and generally buckets need to be resorted to!

Bathroom Fixtures: Walk-in Baths

Here we have the ultimate in bathroom fixtures for bathing luxury and pleasure. A walk-in bathtub takes up no more floor space than a normal bathtub, although it stands higher to accommodate a molded seat.

Often these are seen as a solution for elderly or disabled people who do aren’t able to ‘climb in’ but just open a little door and ‘walk in’. The door seals once the tub is filled.

However, which ‘able bodied’ person would be able to resist sitting in extreme comfort, leaning back on an air cushion in a bath full of aerated water with a whirlpool option and an aromatherapy dispenser? You can also experience chroma therapy, lighting up your bath with soothing colors. If you enjoy this experience so much that you stay in

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