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Variety of Bathroom Faucets and Taps

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Today there are generally two main types of bathroom faucets. The first kind is faucets with washers. These are the old fashioned types. They are gradually vanishing but there are plenty still around.

Probably they will be around for as long as antique, vintage and replica antique taps are popular.

The washers are either rubber or neoprene, with a hole in the center. This is pressed against a metal seat when the handle of the faucet is turned, forming a watertight seal. From time to time they need replacing as the rubber perishes.

The other main kind of bathroom taps has valves without a washer, and can be divided into three sub-types.

Ball Bathroom Taps

Ball bathroom taps have hollow plastic or stainless steel balls. These were the first type of washerless faucet to be developed. They have a single handle that swivels over a rounded cover, over the ball inside. This handle controls the temperature mix and the flow of the water coming out of the spout below the cover. These bathroom taps have a mechanism that is quite complicated with a lot of different parts, and are more likely than other types to leak.

Cartridge Bathroom Faucets

Cartridge bathroom taps have movable plastic or brass cartridges. The cartridge moves up and down to increase or decrease the water flow. To change the water temperature you turn it from left to right. Cartridge bathroom faucets come in single handled and two handled types.

Ceramic Disc Bathroom Faucets

Ceramic disc bathroom taps have very hard, smooth, and durable discs that form an airtight seal. These are the most recent developed type of faucet and have a single handle over a wide cylindrical body which houses two ceramic discs that slide over each other. This is what controls both temperature and the flow of water. These require the least maintenance of the different types of taps.

Finishes of Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets are available in a number of different materials as well as combination of materials. Here are some: bathroom faucets

• Stainless steel

• Brass

• Chrome

• Nickel

• Bronze

• Blackened bronze

• Copper

• Platinum-look

• Gold-look

• Pewter-look

• Diamond-look (glass sections)

• Ivory-look

• Painted porcelain and enamel sections

• Stone, marble and pottery sections

The metals are available in a bright shiny finish, a satin finish, an oil rubbed finish, a brushed finish, a hammered finish, and a matte finish. Once again, there are available in almost any variety of combination.

Mounting of Bathroom Taps

The type of mounting for your bathroom taps depends on the type of sink or bathtub you have. You will have to choose faucets that match the holes in your fixtures.

• Two Single Independent Hot and Cold Bathroom Taps:

These are the commonly found old fashioned kind, but they may be just what you need for the theme of your particular kind of bathroom.

These are the types of mixer-type faucets that are widely available:

• Widespread bathroom taps have a spout and two separate handles for hot and cold water. This needs a bathroom sink or bathtub with three holes.

• Mini-widespread bathroom taps are very similar to the above, but are smaller and daintier. They also need three holes for mounting. They would probably look better on a small sink than a on a bathtub.

• Center bathroom faucets are made for installation in sinks or bathtubs with three holes. A centerset faucet has a spout and either one or two handles. This type of faucet is installed with a base unit that fits over the three holes.

• Single hole bathroom taps have a handle joined on to a spout. It is possible to get single hole faucets with a plate to conceal any extra holes in sinks and bathtubs. Single hole faucets are available in extra tall models especially to reach up over vessel sinks.

• You can get wall mounted bathroom taps for a whole lot of different applications. They are useful for saving space over very small bathroom sinks. They can be placed high enough to reach freestanding vessel sinks. No holes are needed in the fixture itself, which makes them ideal for valuable antique vanities with free standing sinks, such as old, tiled or marbled wash stands. It may also be necessary for old ball and claw Victorian type bathtubs that you simply cannot damage with holes.

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