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Bathroom Fans are Used to Remove Moisture and Humidity

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There are many methods for you to remove moisture and humidity from your bathroom. Two of them are:

• Extractor fans

• Dehumidifiers

There are all kinds of brands and types of bathroom fans available for your bathroom, but they are basically divided into two main types. These are:

• Axial Fans

• Centrifugal Fans

You need to have an idea of what each type is used for so that you can make the right choice for your bathroom.

Axial Fans vs. Centrifugal Fans

Axial bathroom fans are frequently used. You can get ones that mount in walls, windows or in the ceiling where short ducting is used.

What happens when moist air is extracted out of the bathroom?

It is pumped along the ducting above the ceiling to a wall cap or roof cap where it is expelled. How your fan is ducted determines how efficiently it performs.

The wall and window bathroom fans vent the air straight out with virtually no ducting, so there is no problem. As soon as ducting is introduced, there is resistance to airflow and that puts the fan under pressure. Any bend, twist or other irregularity causes turbulence and slows down the airflow. Even the standard flexible aluminum ducts with their ridges are not as effective as smooth PVC would be. But the aluminum ducts are far easier to install.

Ducts should be installed straight and level for maximum performance of the fan. As far as length goes:

Ducts with diameters of  should not be longer than
6'' 13'-17'
5'' 9'-13'
4'' 5'-9'

The diameter of the ducting should match that of the fan outlet as well as the wall cap or roof cap. Never decrease the diameter at any stage along the duct or you could lose up to 90% efficiency.

Centrifugal fans build up pressure that can cope with the resistance met in long ducting or inline ducting used for multiple fans or multiple fan hoods. Inline bathroom fans are an option you can seriously consider if you have a large bathroom or you specifically want smaller separate extraction units over the shower, over the bathtub as well as over the toilet. You can use separate smaller centrifugal bathroom fans, or you can use one large centrifugal fan with separate hoods. Because the fan with its motor is situated remotely from the high steam areas such as directly over the shower and bathtub, there is no problem with the motor’s constant contact with blasts of hot steam. You could consider setting up a system to extract from several rooms, say kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. These bathroom fans also have a reputation for long lasting motors and very little noise.

Bathroom Fans and Dehumidifiers

You may decide to keep your normal bathroom fans, which cope nicely with the steam and odors in your bathrooms and supplement them with dehumidifiers to take up any residual moisture. This is especially important if you keep articles that don’t take kindly to dampness. Some interior decoration calls for items like pot pourri or posters or dried flowers. There are humidistat controlled bathroom fans that turn on automatically when the humidity reaches certain preset levels. These pre-settings need to be monitored as they can start wandering from the original settings over time.

If you decide to have a proper dehumidifier installed, it will have to be put in by a qualified electrician who will position the switch outside the bathroom and see that it is wired to an RDC (Residual Current Device), called a GFCI in the US, also known in other parts of the world as ‘earth leakage’, GFI, ALCI or simply ‘safety switches’.

If you, like many of us, keep your household linen in cabinets and closets in the bathroom, you may be plagued by dampness finding its way in and spotting your linen with mold and filling the shelves with an unpleasant mildewy smell. The ideal solution for this problem is a mini dehumidifier. It is a neat, small unit with a cassette containing crystals that absorb moisture. Choose one with crystals that are not salt-based as the salt is difficult to dry. The dehumidifier doesn’t need any wiring while it is being used. The indicator changes color when the crystals have absorbed maximum moisture, which is about 120ml. Then you remove the unit, plug it into a wall socket in a well-ventilated room and leave it overnight to dry out. After this it is ready for you to use it again.

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