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Preparations for Bathroom Fan Replacement

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You may have tried to clean and repair your existing bathroom fan and are unhappy with the result. If you cannot do anything more to revive your bathroom extractor fan, here are some basic steps for bathroom fan replacement.

In most of the cases, all you need to replace is the motor. Unfortunately the price of these is not much less than the cost of a whole new unit. However the labor and effort involved is very different in re-doing the whole job compared with just replacing the motor.

You first need to ascertain that there is nothing faulty anywhere else. Removing and replacing the motor is a whole lot simpler and easier and cheaper in labor costs than replacing the whole unit. You won’t even have to go up into the roof space or attic, which can be dusty and unpleasant, as well as very hot indeed on a warm day.

How to Check Compatibility of New Motor?

Before you go out shopping to buy your new motor, the first thing is to check the compatibility of the new motor with the old one. Your first step is to turn off the electric circuit breaker and check to see that the power to the fan is off. Now you can remove the grill and measure the diameter of the housing, in order to be sure of a replacement that fits the space of your old fan. It is so much simpler if they are the same size. If you are getting exactly the same kind again, clean away the dirt and find the serial number and any other identification. If you have any doubts about bathroom fan replacement, and how well the new motor will adapt to the old motor’s place and fit in with the rest of the unit, you may prefer to have certainty by removing the motor and taking it in to your dealer. There you can find out whether the new fan will be a suitable replacement, and also if there are any other new parts you are likely to need.

Bathroom Fan Replacement: Doing it Yourself

This job should be well within the ability of a reasonably handy person who enjoys doing things himself. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two, but you can get pretty dirty, so wear old clothes and protective eyewear for the dust. The small items in your bathroom in the vicinity of where you are working are best removed too.

When you have purchased your new motor and are ready for your bathroom fan replacement, make very sure, once again, that your circuit breaker is off and there is no power reaching the fan motor. Now remove the grill again. You will have to see how the plate on which the motor is mounted can be removed. Some can be worked loose and others are screwed into place. Unplug the fan and loosen the screws as well as the screws that hold the motor in place on its plate. Remove the blower from the shaft either by sliding it off or undoing more screws, depending on what type it is. Now the motor should be free, and you should be able to see whether anything else is damaged so that you can buy new parts if necessary.

It is a good plan to give everything in the housing a good clean to make sure your new motor isn’t going to start off its work covered in dust and grime. After this it is fairly simple to reverse the whole procedure as you put everything back into place. You know now where everything goes.

When you have replaced the old motor with the new one, you can fit the blower on to the shaft by redoing what you undid before. Check that it is straight and true. Now you can fasten the new motor on to the old plate. By this time you should know how the plate fits into the housing, and you can lift that into its place. Last of all, return the grill to its position. There you are. Your job of bathroom fan replacement is now completed and your new motor should be doing its job. If there are any strange noises, turn off the power straight away and check that everything you removed and replaced has been correctly installed and is straight and has been properly tightened.

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