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Bathroom Fan Light Installation is an art

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Bathroom fan light is used during night hours. However, if your bathroom has no windows, or a small window, or a window heavily shaded by another building, a tree or a porch, you may need bathroom fans incorporated with light even at day time.

Attractive Bathroom Fan Light Types

Some of the latest bathroom fans that incorporate a light are really beautiful. You can hardly see that there is a fan. They look like attractive light fittings, and the grill looks like part of the decoration.

What is more, the lights have adjustable dimmers, from a soft nightlight glow to normal central brightness, but without the glare of naked bulbs visible. They look good enough to be installed in the sitting room.

Test for a Decorator

A combination of central light and spotlights or down lighters is a bathroom decorator’s dream.

The clever use of light in a bathroom means the difference between success and failure of any décor.

It highlights, conceals, reveals, and emphasizes.

It alters, lengthens or shortens shadows, it makes enormous impact on colors and textures.

It causes bright cheerfulness of atmosphere, it softens and dims and creates cosiness or mystery.

Many of these tricks are created by halogen globes. Halogen lighting in the bathroom gives a beautiful ambience and is very common in the form of down lighters and spotlights around vanity mirrors and other areas that require extra light. If energy saving is important to you, as it is to many responsible people concerned with the well-being of our planet, you may like to investigate replacing your halogen down lighters with LED or low energy domestic light retrofit spotlights that use between 3 and 7 times less energy, as well as no energy loss through heat generation. They also give a lovely bright, directional light.

Most ordinary light fittings that use incandescent light bulbs can have CFL’s fitted instead, if the light fitting is not too compact. CFL’s are compact fluorescent lights, also known as energy saving lights.

Bathroom Fan Light with Infrared Lamp

A really delightful bathroom fan light is one equipped with infrared heat lamps, normally 250 – 275 watt. The fitting usually comes in two sizes. One with two infrared lamps, and one with four. The one with four lamps normally gives you the option of ‘low’ or ‘high’ heat. In other words you can turn on either just two or all four lamps. Incorporated with these are an extractor fan that eliminates stale air, odors and steam, as well as a normal central light. The bathroom fan light has separate switches mounted in a panel outside the bathroom. One operates the extractor fan, one the central light, and two turn on and off two infrared lamps each. These give you instant glowing warmth and need no warming up or cooling down period.

This unit should not be mounted directly over a shower or bathtub.You will reap the best benefit of this bathroom fan light if it is placed over the spot, in between the shower and bathtub where you get out of the hot water and dry off and dress.

If you decide on this type of fitting, you should install an RDC or Residual Current Device, known in some countries as GFCI, in others as Earth leakage, GFI, ALCI or simply safety switches. Normal lighting is not usually wired on RDC’s but in this case it is a good safety precaution.

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