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Brainstorming these Bathroom Design Ideas can help you Enjoy Comfort and Luxury in your Unique Bathroom

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Do you know how much time of life an average man spends in bathrooms?

About 25000 hours...

Why not spend these hours in luxury and comfort? For that you need to spend some time on different bathroom ideas. How to design your bathroom? What should be style of your bath tub? What kind of soothing color suites your individuality? How can you use valuable small space in your bathroom? And so on…

The best bathroom ideas can strike from your own individuality and uniqueness. However, this article can help you to brainstorm different bathroom design ideas. The end bathroom style shall be a direct result of choices that you can make before your bathroom is constructed.

There are different types of bathroom styles. A simple look can help you to find out your own idea about bathroom designing.

Contemporary Bathroom Design

A contemporary bathroom can be large, small or medium. It can have any shape. Fixtures tend to emphasize lines rather than curves, such as rectangular tubs and sinks. Fittings are often very plain rather than ornate, and often of brushed or matte chrome, not shiny. Glass and mirrors, metal and ceramic rather than wood or stone are used. If wood is used, it is usually painted. Colors can be dark or light, but only one or two colors with black or white are considered the best options.

Minimalist Bathroom Design

A minimalist bathroom needs space or the impression of space to provide the luxury. Light is vital. Lines are very important, and fittings are discrete. Curves can be used but without fussy corners. Colors are generally cool (blues, mauve, pastels, creams, white) and black can be used discretely, for outlines or edges, as long as it doesn’t break or divide the sense of space.

For the best results need really exquisite focal points. These are often stark, such as bare black or white or colored twigs. They can be very effective if they provide the main color-splashes in the room.

Colonial Bathroom Design Ideas

Colonial bathrooms are all about workmanship and details. The wood is used excessively. You need enough room to display a cabinet and perhaps a vanity. Panels, turnings and carvings look good. Mirrors are usually framed in wood. Wooden trimmings, such as wooden toilet seat, paper holder, brackets for shelves or soap dishes. Take special care to waterproof the wood properly with an oil-compatible polyurethane water resistant sealer. Lacquers and varnish are not suitable. Fittings of brass or copper, intricately worked with knobs, turnings or scrolls are made.

Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas

An authentic Victorian bathroom needs space to look good. High ceilings, with a central light fitting and tall narrow windows, with lacy curtains are used. A must is a ball and claw bathtub. Most faucets and accessories are of black painted iron, sometimes with enameled and floral painted parts. They have lots of clutter and knickknacks usually with very pretty designs.

Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

If you have a really good sense of balance and design, eclectic bathroom design fits your personality. However, you need to take a lot of care. If you do it in a wrong way, the results can be disastrous. However, when you use your balanced design ideas, you will probably have the best bathroom of all.

Eclectic bathroom is a mixture of styles, but that doesn’t mean that ‘anything goes’. Go for one particular theme and have one or two features or fixtures or a section of your bathroom different, for emphasis.

Country Bathroom Design Ideas

Soft colors, usually monochromatic (one color with various shades) are used in country bathrooms. There is focus on details. Hand made bath mats, baskets, embroidered towels, pottery, urns, milk-cans are considered essential. Murals or tiles with flowers, grasses or herbs are used. Home made soaps and herbal toiletries are preferred.

Ethnic Bathroom Design Ideas

I am not going to promote ethnicity by any means. However, when you use an ethnic art you convert your bathroom into an ethnic style.

Mostly natural creams, browns, and natural stone, with a ‘mother earth’ theme are good choices. Another way is to choose colors from the art or artifacts, in more or less in the same proportions.

Arty Bathroom Design Ideas

This style affects mostly the flat surfaces, walls, floor, or ceiling. Here you can go with wild and wonderful colors and all shapes, and realistic or impressionist murals.

Traditional Bathroom

In traditional bathroom you can use small, square tiles or small print floral or subtle patterned wall paper. However, cream or pastel colors are considered suitable. You should go for intimate and subdued lighting. The light fittings should be visible and ornate part of the decor, such as candelabras or lamps.

Mood of Your Bathrooms

What kind of lights and colors you prefer? There are a few ideas for your brainstorming:

• Subtle Mood: The lighting should be concealed and colors be monochromatic.

• Romantic Mood: The lighting should be subdued like candles. The colors should be warm like browns, reds, burgundy, etc.

• Cheerful Mood: Lively colors, such as yellows, orange, bright red, blue and green may be used. However, you should also use lots of white to brighten the color of your choice. This kind of mood requires plenty of lights.

• Serene Mood: You should go for monochromatic colors, concealed lighting, and no clutter.

• Humorous Mood: You can use cartoons and children themes, animals, and interesting touches like fish tank sinks.

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