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Bathroom Curtains are More Sensational than Shower Doors

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Some think that bathroom curtains are going to be an history in the world of bathroom interior decoration. But, in my opinion, they are going to stay for their beauty, variety and costs in comparison to shower doors.

Bathroom shower doors are common feature of the contemporary bathroom décor. Shower curtains are used where installing shower doors may ask for certain problems and huge costs. Window curtains are used to blind the inside view mainly from outside. There are mainly three reasons for their stay in the bathroom interior industry:

Firstly, they are low priced in comparison to bathroom doors.

Secondly, the bath curtains, in many instances, are preferred for hired apartments.

Thirdly, it is easier to replace them when you are fed up with old stuff.

Today bathroom shower and window curtains have got such interesting and good-looking designs that you may really enhance your bathroom and even create uniqueness. There is no reason to go for a boring single colored plastic flower design curtain which can’t bring the required beauty and sensation in your bathroom.

Some Ideas

1- You may find many kind of designs and prints of curtains in the market to put in rings on your bathroom curtain rod. Choose a curtain by following your unique personality and bathroom theme to fill your bathroom with a rejoicing air. Be careful while selecting different patterns and print designs.

2- Colors of bathroom window curtains are more important. They are in such a great variety that you may not face any problem finding a curtain which matches exactly to your bathroom scheme. You can find the right ones to increase the impact of your bathroom walls, tiles, floor and different accessories. Similarly, you can select various kinds of cartoon curtains for bathrooms of your children.

3- Hook-less curtains are also good to be used in your bathroom. They deliver light and cheerful look to your bathroom interior. They are available in any proportion of colors and designs.

4- Then, you can get large poster-look bathroom shower and window curtains. These are fashioned to hang in such an order that give you a complete view of the picture while you enter your bathroom. These curtains may contain very large cartoons, minor type pictures of automobiles, airplanes, sports designs, fantasy figures, gags and fresh amusing ideas.

5- You can also select beautiful natural scenes, animals, vistas of evening-affairs skies or city lights.

6- If you love art, you possibly prefer a seriously abnormal abstract creation.

7- Curtains are available in different textures, materials and designs. You may go for simplicity because it can add brightness to your bathroom.

8- Another idea is to use lighting in a way which can radiate through bathroom screens. This offers a splendid outcome of bathroom curtains used with smart lighting.

Fixing Curtains

When you make a decision for a bathroom curtain, the question of installing them arises. You have to place rods or tracks in bathroom and hang the prepared curtains upon them. The bathroom rods come in all types. They may be flexible or twisters which may be adjusted into problematic spaces.

Some curtains have the linings attached, but if they don’t, you should fit a double track.

You need to find out the length and width of curtains before you go to purchase them. Some tracks can be suspended to the ceiling so that no gap is visible between bathroom curtains and the ceiling of your bath.

If you don't like to bore a hole in your bathroom walls, ceilings or tiles then you might opt for a telescopic bathroom curtains. They are spring loaded and can be installed and tightened between two walls.

If you want to use bathroom curtains without hooks, you should thread the rod through the curtain eye holes, before mounting them on rod. If you have curtain rings, pass them through the rod or attack them later, depending on the type of curtains that you have purchased, then hang up the fabric curtains on the rods.

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