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Methods to Maintain and Improve Bathroom Console Sinks when they are Made of Wood

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The modern bathroom console sinks are frequently made of chrome and glass. They seldom need much attention, except to keep the metal and glass clean and shining. If they are of wrought iron or ceramic or stone, they will also be very low maintenance. However when it comes to bathroom console sinks made of wood, there can be a bit of maintenance to be done. Wood is a living thing, and shrinks and swells according to temperature and humidity. This can cause surface cracking and peeling of the finish, especially if the console is an old one.

Maintaining and Restoring Wooden Bathroom Console Sinks

If bathroom console sinks are made of wood, today there are wonderful oil/polyurethane finishes. You will need to remove all the old peeling varnish, if that is what it has on it. This is quite a chore but comfort yourself that you will not have to do it ever again. When every bit has been removed and the wood sanded, rub it down once again with steel wool. Then wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove every trace of dust. When it is dry you can start giving it several coats of your new oil finish. These come in various grades, suitable for very light use to hard-wearing to an absolutely waterproof finish suitable for boats.

The joy of these new finishes is that you never need to sand them down again later on if it needs refinishing again. Just a wipe with methylated spirits to get rid of any grease or dirt, and a rub down with steel wool, and you re-apply as many coats of whatever grade of finish you want. (You can even change to another grade if you want to.) These finishes come in matte to gloss to high gloss and can be mixed with stains if you want to change the wood color. If you fairly regularly apply the furniture oil that goes with these polyurethane finishes, it is unlikely you will even need to refinish again at all. This furniture oil brings out the grain of the wood and gives it a lovely patina.

Improving the Appearance of Wooden Bathroom Console Sinks

It is important that bathroom console sinks are in the right settings for their styles. If not, they just won’t look right. Often wooden bathroom console sinks will suit certain bathrooms better when they are painted. This is something to consider if the wood is not valuable or particularly beautiful in grain or color. If you are a gifted interior decorator, you will know what color to paint it. If you are a little unsure, try using monochromatic color schemes in your bathroom. This seldom fails to look good. Use one color with several shades of it.

For instance if your walls are pale green (tiles or paint) paint your cabinet a darker green, perhaps with panels a lighter green and lines or beading or a pattern of leaves picked out in an even darker green…..and so on.

There are so many color ideas in magazines, so look out for them. If you want a more modern look, go for dark colors relieved with white walls, like black and white, or burgundy and white, etc. Remember that contemporary design emphasizes lines rather than curves. If your console has curved paneled doors, for instance, and you don’t want to replace the console itself you should perhaps replace the doors with plain, flat, rectangular ones.

If, on the other hand you are trying to give a modern bathroom an antique look, you can change the flat doors for paneled ones. Even if the wood is not good enough to restore, quite a vintage look can be given to bathroom console sinks with a coat of paint. The antique look usually looks more genuine with a single color, usually white or cream or very pale pastels. Antiques’ colors are discrete and subtle rather than colorful. Their appeal is in the shapes and forms, curves and carvings. If you really want more color, use bright towels and ornaments. Also have as many fittings as possible of brass or copper

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