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What is a Bathroom Cabinet Organizer for?

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A bathroom cabinet organizer is must when you are of toothbrushes, toiletries, hair accessories, children’s bath toys, and spare toilet rolls crowded together on every edge and ledge in the bathroom.

A bathroom cabinet organizer is a bathroom fitting that helps you keep your bathroom organized and tidy. It can be made of chrome, wood, basketry, plastic or metal. It can even be made of ceramics, porcelain or pottery.

It is basically a container for storage.

There are a huge variety of shapes and sizes available. The various different kinds can stand on their own, hang in a shower, or be fastened to a wall, or they can fit into a drawer, cupboard or any available space. When space is limited, a bathroom cabinet organizer can fit into the smallest corner, turning it into a storage area for far more items than you would have believed possible.

Make Things Visible

First of all you need to decide what you want to display and what you prefer to hide away. A ceramic dish full of herbal soaps, perhaps scattered with dried leaves, flowers or pot pourri would be a shame to hide away in a drawer.

On the other hand, bath and shower cleaners have not much aesthetic appeal and would be better in a pull out wire basket hidden in your vanity or another cupboard.

You probably need to have everything visible and accessible that guests that visit your bathroom may need. It is not desirable for them or for you if they have to rummage through your cupboards in search of a cake of soap or a towel.

Children too need a visible and accessible place to reach their own things, such as toothbrushes, bathtub toys, and towels. This way you’ll save a lot of clearing up afterward.

Some Bathroom Cabinet Organizer Tips

The tiny things are often what cause the most clutter. The insides of cupboard doors can be fitted with rows of narrow shelves ideal for small bottles. They are out of sight when the door is closed but quite handy for your use when it is opened.

Another good place for small items is in drawers. If you have plastic trays with divisions, you’ll be able to see what you are looking for at a glance. These trays are also removable and so easy to clean.

Normally corner fittings are available for difficult corners in a kitchen. These either fold out or spin around giving you access to items at the back of the cupboard. They are usually of chrome but you can have them made, or make them yourself, of wood. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be very useful in a bathroom, especially if your vanity or cupboards are L-shaped.

Perhaps you or someone in your household is elderly or disabled and needs to have access to items stored in a low cupboard. A good solution to save having to go down on your knees and rummage is to install large pot drawers. These, too, are usually installed in kitchens for storage of pots and saucepans. They would be wonderful in a bathroom and can be fitted inside with various kinds of bathroom cabinet organizer to utilize the space to the best advantage. Sometimes a tall cupboard with widely spaced shelves can be a sheer waste of space.

Why not stack wire organizer baskets, or better still, install runners so that they can slide in and out like drawers. This way you can utilize the shelf space far more efficiently. Don’t ignore narrow ‘in-between’ spaces. They may be wide enough for a bathroom cabinet organizer containing a stack of narrow shelves for toiletries or for storing extra toilet paper rolls.

Where to Put Towels?

A good place for drying damp towels is a flat ‘tray’ with multi-racks. This pulls out of your cabinet like a drawer. After the towels are dry and packed away, the tray of racks can be pushed back into the cabinet, where it is hardly visible and takes up no room.

An unusual bathroom cabinet organizer is a wine rack. Instead of, say, twelve or sixteen bottles of wine, try storing twelve or sixteen rolled up towels. You must know how much space this number of folded towels would take up in a cupboard. Today it is fashionable to display towels rolled up, especially if their colors complement your décor. Wine racks are normally of wood, chrome or other attractive materials and finished off with care. Because of their good looks, wine racks can easily be fastened to a wall or placed on an open shelf.

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