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Save Space with Smart Bathroom Cabinet Design

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Most of us like to conserve space with bathroom cabinet design. Either the space is limited, or we want to create an open, airy, uncluttered atmosphere.

Most bathroom cabinets are made wholly or partially of wood. Wood is a material that can be used in any design, and it can be painted any color. In bathroom cabinet design, an item of wooden bathroom furniture can stand on its own as a focal point. It can be also be joined to other cabinets and cupboards and painted to create one seamless unit.

Small Cabinets?

Avoid lots of small containers and cabinets. There is nothing that contributes to a cluttered look like these do. You will have a less ‘busy’ appearance if you go for a ‘built-in’ look. Use up all the wall space with the flowing line of one item of bathroom furniture joined to the next seamlessly. Even a tiny bathroom can provide an enormous amount of packing space and still look uncluttered with this bathroom cabinet design

If you want to utilize the maximum space in your bathroom, extend your cupboards or cabinets right up to the ceiling. This extra high up space, although inaccessible without a step ladder, is ideal for storing little used items, such as winter bed linen in summer or summer bed linen in winter. It is also very useful for storing toiletry items that you have bought in bulk on sales or special offers.

Space Under Bath Tubs

The space under the bathtub can be used too. Instead of solid panels enclosing the tub, try tilt out bins. They look like plain panels until you pull them open. They can provide plenty of space for bulkier items such as spare duvets, pillows, bath mats or bathroom cleaning equipment and detergents. Just make sure that the lip of the bathtub overhangs the bin edges completely, and no water can drip into the bins. If you want your bins to be a little larger and roomier, you can install a tiled ledge under the rim of the tub to overhang the bins and protect them from water drips.

Floor Space

You can save a lot of floor space if you partially or wholly recess your cupboards into a drywall. Partially recessing your bathroom cabinet will give it extra depth, if that is what you need. Flush mounted cabinets recessed into the wall may be a little on the shallow side. Smaller items are well suited to this kind of cabinet. It is ideal for medicines or toiletries. However, if you don’t have large quantities of linen, items such as sheets or duvet covers can be folded and hung on towel railings that can be accessed by swinging them out, and can be folded back inside to allow the doors to close. Towels can be rolled up into quite small spaces, but as it is very popular today to display them, you may decide not to have a door for this type of bathroom cabinet design.

Some Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom Cabinet Design

When you decide on your bathroom cabinet design, remember to consider lighting. Cleverly designed lighting, in your bathroom sets the tone of the atmosphere, and even influences the décor. It can make a room look small and cozy or large and airy. Window space, and how you decorate your windows creates an ambience too. The use of mirrors enhances light and space.

Most bathroom cabinet designs provide door space for fastening mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Don’t be tempted to clutter up the space on your bathroom cabinets with lots of different mirrors. If you create a panel of mirrors, a row of matching mirrors, or one big mirror, you will probably be happier with the effect. Your bathroom cabinet doesn’t have to be an area of flat, bland door surfaces. If you go for the minimalist look you will probably choose some of the rich, contemporary colors such as deep blue, burgundy or a metallic color. These frequently dispense with unnecessary extras such as handles. Rich natural wood for a retro look, will often be decorated by ornate knobs or handles of metals such as brass or copper or chrome. Other ways of decorating your cabinets is by the use of different tones of color, or stenciled designs.

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