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An Aquarium Bathroom Sink … Silly or Awesome Idea?

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A really whimsical and sometimes even controversial idea is an aquarium bathroom sink. Reactions to this sink range from ‘silly’, ‘weird’ ‘bizarre’ to ‘fun’, ‘awesome’, and ‘over-the-top’. Wherever you stand on this issue, one thing is certain: no more boring……..!

It will certainly make a conversation piece for your visitors! An aquarium bathroom sink is basically a glass wash basin sunk into a counter top of glass and this is set over a fish tank in such a way that the whole is a sealed unit. This unit is normally seated on a metal frame in such a way that there is some leg- room and it will not be accidentally kicked. The metal stand can be made of brass, chrome, wrought iron, or a combination of metals. It need not be plain and square, but it must be steady and strong. The main reason for using a metal frame is to allow a view of the fish from almost all angles. There is no reason why it should not be built into a cabinet or vanity, except that the view of the fish may be limited.

An Aquarium Bathroom Sink as an Object of Beauty

A really well kept aquarium is stunningly beautiful, especially when the lighting is skillfully arranged. But the key phrase is ‘well kept’! I don’t know about you but it would seriously put me off to wash my face in a glass bowl, looking down at green slime and dead fish! It is of the first importance to keep the water, the plants and the fish clean and healthy.

This is not as difficult as it sounds, as the soap dishes on either side of the faucets are removable so that you can access the tank itself. The aquarium bathroom sink is a fully functional aquarium providing a safe home for small types of fish. The water goes through a filtration system to keep it clean, and it is also aerated.

On the counter top, instead of a clutter of hair and toothbrushes, make up and toiletries, you could perhaps have white stones, shells, or for a really zen-look, a single Japanese lamp.

Another type of décor that is well suited for an aquarium bathroom sink is one with a nautical feel. Especially in kiddies’ bathrooms, a common theme is often dolphins, starfish, surfing and ships. Another theme, especially in girls’ bathrooms is frequently butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and fairies. In both these bathrooms, the fish tank would fit in beautifully, and as a bonus, the kids may be encouraged to wash and clean teeth far more frequently!

Other Ways of Displaying your Aquarium Bathroom Sink

If you get tired of fish, or they die, or you feel that taking care of fish is not your thing, you can use your aquarium bathroom sink in some other very intriguing ways. One way is to turn it into a terrarium. Make a miniature garden out of tiny plants, pebbles and rocks and even bonsai. As the unit is sealed, there will be no evaporation of water from your garden although you can remove your soap dishes temporarily to dry it out a bit if it is too soggy, or add more water if you need to.

Just as the aquarium sink can keep moisture in, so it can keep moisture out. This makes it ideal for displays of other things too. Ever wondered where you could display your shells and dried seaweed from your last holiday? Well, what about inside the tank with a layer of sea sand for a background to set them off? Perhaps you have an insect collection pinned to a board. Here’s a place to display them admirably; a bit daunting to the face washer, perhaps, but very interesting. Then going back to the zen garden theme, perhaps one or two selected rocks and river sand raked into meaningful patterns would look good. I am sure you can think of many other displays you can have, such as dried flowers, baby toys, etc. Only your imagination can limit you to what you can do with your aquarium bathroom sink.

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