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Antique Bathroom Sinks with Beauty and Style

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Antique bathroom sinks are available in two basic types: genuine antiques and reproduction antiques. A genuine antique sink is at least 50 to 100 years old. It should be valuable for its craftsmanship not just its age. However, a genuine sink is often costly. When you are looking for an antique style with lesser resources then replica of such antiques shall be useful. The skilled craftsmen are reproducing some of the most beautiful Victorian antique bathroom sinks.

Genuine Antique Bathroom Sinks

To start with, you will have a look at what is known about washing and how antique bathroom sinks came into being. The Romans believed in a good soak in a bath. They were huge – more like small swimming pools. Men and women separately made almost a social occasion of their communal baths. The remains of some Roman baths still exist today.

But there was a period of time when bathing was not common practice. This is the time when the first antique bathroom came into its own. The first known sink was a lavabo (meaning ‘I shall wash’ in Latin), which was used by monks for washing. It was more like a trough and was commonly used by all the monks at the same time. They were usually made of hollowed out stone or marble, but sometimes lead and bronze were also used. They were decorated very occasionally. During the middle ages, lavatories, or wash troughs were built into the walls of castles and palaces. Around the time of the black plague in Europe, people became afraid of soaking themselves in water as they believed water carried disease, and for a long time washing in basin or troughs was considered quite enough for hygiene. Perfume and pomanders were all the rage to keep the body odors at bay! Gradually the sinks became more portable and by the middle of the sixteenth century frame stands with a basin and a shelf for a jug below, were common. By the eighteenth century great number of different kinds of wash stands were made. In the beginning they were simply tables with basins and jugs set on them. The furniture craftsmen caught on to the idea of washstands, and they began to make them more and more sophisticated. Real pieces of furniture with cupboards, drawers, legs, marble tops and all manner of little niches for soap, toiletries, etc. They started cutting holes in the tops so the basins were sunk into the top of the stand or cabinet.

After World War-I antique sinks, as you can we still see in antique shops, were looking rather different, more like our modern bathroom sinks. Bathrooms and plumbing were becoming more and more common and the new sinks made provision for faucets. The sinks were square, round or oval basins on a pedestal with one or two holes for the faucet pipes. They were made of enameled cast iron or earthenware or porcelain. By the end of the twentieth century all houses were built with one or more bathrooms.

Replicas of Antique Bathroom Sinks

Today people are rediscovering the beauty and variety of antique sinks. Some of the porcelain, enameled cast iron and earthenware sinks of the early twentieth century you can still find in some antique stores. The wooden, cabinet style of sink is also available, but pricey.

However, for those of us who cannot find or pay the price of the originals, skilled craftsmen are reproducing some of the most beautiful Victorian antique bathroom sinks. In particular, the wooden cabinet type of sink is being re-created by cabinet makers.There are both single and double sinks made this way. These beautiful pieces of furniture can even include carving and marquetry. They are so popular that many of the cabinet making books and magazines include plans for antique bathroom sinks. People who like this sort of thing often have their whole bathroom theme around a Victorian or other antique style, with ball and claw baths and intricately fashioned, old style faucets, mirrors and other bathroom accessories Modern styles of bathrooms change and come and go, but antique bathrooms with their antique bathroom sinks still remain a great favorite with many people.

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