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Is a 24” Bathroom Vanity Fit for Your Home?

Bathroom vanities come in different widths. The smallest one is 24” bathroom vanity. However, the most common width is 30 inches. They can generate an elegant touch for your bathroom décor. However, you must make sure that they go well with your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, a 24” bathroom vanity is highly recommended. Such vanities come in many styles. You may just opt for one regardless of the size of your bathroom. However, other than accenting your bathroom décor, a 24-inch vanity has functional benefits. If this is the first vanity you are opting for then it is best to look through other resources before heading out to your home store. Magazines and the internet is an ideal way to get to know about the latest trends and styles.

Benefits of a 24” Bathroom Vanity

There are many advantages in having a 24’’ bathroom vanity for your bathroom. Advantages include size, styles and storage.

Normally 24-inch bathroom vanities are useful for smaller bathroom. The vanity sink cabinet is purposely made small. This allows you to save that extra space you require for your bathroom. Furthermore, you get to experience the grace of having a luxurious bathroom vanity regardless of your bathroom size.

Designers have come about with various designs, colours and shapes. It is very easy for you to find that ideal bathroom vanity that goes well with your bathroom style. It is also possible to use your 24-inch vanity as a focal point. Impress guests with a chic contemporary style 24” bathroom vanity in your modern bathroom.

However, the vanity does have another major benefit – storage!

Just because they are the smallest vanity size, does not mean they do not have storage space. One of the advantages of having any vanity is the storage space. The 24-inch vanity has been designed to provide maximum storage space regardless of their size. Take the opportunity of storage your cosmetics, extra toothpastes and other items. This would give you more of an organized look in your bathroom.

24-inch Bathroom Vanities Styles

Vanities come in different materials. The best way to keep up-to-date on the types of materials is to look through design magazines or through the internet. It is possible to go and just check out your local home store before you purchase anything. The type of material use affects the style of a bathroom vanity. This in turn affects your bathroom décor. No matter how beautiful the vanity appears, it just might not be right for your bathroom style.

Vanities can be made of anything. If you have a traditional bathroom, opt for wooden vanities. Oak, cherry, birch and mahogany are some of the materials ideal for an antique appeal. Porcelain could also a traditional look to your bathroom. If you have a contemporary bathroom it is best to go for a stainless steel or chrome finish. There are vanities composed of glass; however, glass vanities can be fragile. If you have a family bathroom or highly used bathroom then you should not go for fragile vanities. There are plenty of alternative translucent materials that are not fragile as well.

Another technique you could use to bring out your 24-inch vanity is to accent it. Place dried flower, vines or wreaths to compliment your bathroom vanity. This would ensure that your vanity is decorative as well as functional.

Advice Before Purchasing

Put in some time and effort for searching for your bathroom vanity. After all it is coming out of your pocket. Ensure that the 24-inch does fit in your bathroom (if you have a small bathroom). Make sure that you do research a bit into vanities before you go out to buy the vanity. You do not want to make a mistake with the size, as you would probably have to return the product.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the style of the vanity. Ensure that you do not have a fragile vanity in a family bathroom or highly used bathroom. Furthermore, no matter how attractive the vanity is, do not opt for it if it is not the right style. The perfect 24” bathroom vanity would not only add to your bathroom décor, it would give you the functional needs you require for your bathroom.

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